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You and I must still be masked as it is currently required in Michigan when we're in each other's personal space. And I'll still be following all the same health and safety protocals as indoor. However, being in open air may:

1) possibly reduce feelings of claustrophobia while masked
2) provide increased air circulation / less exposure
3) be a relaxing or interesting change of scenery



The "cabana" location is on the deck in the yard behind the Massage Sci office. When you arrive, call or text me and I will come out to escort you through the side yard gate.

You are welcome to dress down to your comfort level, but as the space is not FULLY private, no full nude. A bathing suit, or tank and/or shorts are great options. The table itself will be set up and draped with the same linens as inside.

bugs & noise

Mosquitoes are the most noticeable in my area past dusk. But as a few may be present, a large oscillating fan will be blowing over the entire area. This makes it very difficult for them to land and also blows away our C02 exhale that attracts them in the first place.

There is an element of unknown regarding outdoor noise. I will have music going and my neighborhood is typically very quiet. However, keep in mind that if it loud vehicle rolls by, some kids come out to play, or someone decides its the perfect time to mow the lawn, we'll have to roll with it.

weather dependent


The entire massage table is shaded with a huge overhead umbrella, so no sunscreen will be necessary.


Whether we go ahead with the outdoor service will always be weather dependent. We will make the call the day of - or even the hour before - we all know how Michigan weather can be! My regular indoor office space will be set up and ready to go should it be needed.

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