Massage Sci is operated out of my home office, eliminating the need for a daily commute and redundant utilities.

I prioritize suppliers that do not use artificial fragrances and dyes; use waste-reducing product and shipping packaging; use ethically/sustainably sources; contribute philanthropically; and/or are Certified B Corporations.

reuse & recycle


I avoid many one-time use plastics or disposable items and prioritize reusable products (preferably made from recycled or sustainable materials) - unless otherwise required by state, CDC, or OSHA guidelines.

I participate in the local recycling program and have a compost pile that's reused in the garden in front of the Massage Sci office. I often share surplus veggies with clients! :)


Items that had contact with bodily fluids (like facial tissues) or cannot be recycled or composted are disposed of in a BPI certified biodegradable bag.

my fav suppliers


BIOBAG: I use their BPI-Certified biodegradable bags in all trash cans.

DROPPS: I use their unscented laundry detergent that has no fillers or dyes to launder all linens (referral code

DR. BRONNER'S: A long-time leader in organic and fair trade soaps. I use their non-scented hand soap before and after every massage session.


SIMPLY EARTH: Ethically sourced essential oils company that donates 13% of profits to help end human trafficking. I offer several oils during massage sessions and sell a few for at-home use as well.

WHO GIVES A CRAP: Bulk, plastic-free toilet paper and paper towels. 50% of profits go to help build toilets. I use both products in the client restroom.