what's your style?

I provide evidence-informed massage specializing in chronic or persistent pain, with a biopsychosocial lens.

I specialize in pain, but it's not required to schedule a massage. Reducing stress or getting early treatment for tender areas can be a great way to reduce future pain.

I use a strategic and methodical approach over simple brute force. I also gladly work with other health and wellness professionals as "it takes a village." And provide a variety of resources outside scheduled sessions, such as my monthly sci-fi laden wellness emails.

where's your office?

My office is located in front of my residence at 302 Hoover Blvd, Holland, Michigan 49423 - a five minute walk from stops on MAX Route 4 or Route 6. There is a separate entry, client restroom, and designated parking.


When you arrive, read the sign on the door. If it says Session In Progress, wait outside or in your car until it's flipped to say Visitors Welcome.

Accessibility: It's about twenty paces from the designated driveway parking to the office door. There are two 6" steps to the entry door followed by a shallow lip. There is one 8" step in the hall leading to the client restroom.

how do I pay?

I accept cash, check, and debit/credit cards. I also accept HSA or FSA cards, but it's your responsibility to ensure massage is an approved expense.


I do not direct bill health or auto insurance, but can provide a receipt for you to submit for reimbursement.


Prices are all-inclusive. I do not accept monetary tips. If you'd like to show gratitude, please consider writing a review or referring a friend!

Gift cards can be purchased online or in office. Prepaid packages of four sessions are also available with a $5 discount on each session.

no openings?

Most clients book in advance, so my schedule is usually quite full. But life happens: cars breakdown, kids get ill, deadlines change. So never hesitate to request to be put on my wait list. If a time opens, I'll contact you. I also keep a few "reserve" appointments if you are in active pain. Another option is to check out these awesome referral partners who might be able to see you sooner.

no-shows & reschedules

If you no-show, you'll be charged the cost of your session.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, I require at least 24 hours notice, or you'll be charged a late cancel fee equal to the cost of your session. This fee is waived due to:

ILLNESS: You must reschedule if ill, have a fever, or contagious. No one wants cooties - me or other clients.

EXTREME WEATHER: You decide if traveling is safe.

CRITICAL EMERGENCY: Contact me when able. If I charged you a no-show fee, it will be refunded.

SWAP: Just can't make it? Gift your session to a friend. I will also attempt to contact other clients on the wait list.

Please always make adjustments as soon as you can as someone else in pain may gladly want your time.

I hold myself to this policy in reverse. If I need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, reason dependent, you may receive compensatory credit.

what about...

CONTAGIONS & ALLERGENS: My routine precautions go above and beyond to foster a low-risk space for health related concerns and sensitivities: learn more.

EVERY BODY & EVERYBODY: I practice an inclusive and trauma-aware approach to ease anxiety often associated with touch and health care settings. Also, removal of clothing is always your call. If I can do (or not do) something to increase your comfort, please let me know.

PREGNANCY: Various position and pillow options are available to ensure your comfort the entire session.

MINORS: Clients under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian present during their massage.


GUESTS: A guest is welcome for translation; or social, cognitive, or physical support.

​MOBILITY: If due to injury, surgery, or a condition you'd benefit from assistance with getting on/off the massage table, feel free to bring a guest, and/or contact me to discuss how you'd prefer my assistance.


ECO-CONSIDERATIONS: I prioritize reducing, reusing, recycling, and ethical suppliers: learn more.

FORMS: All new clients must complete an intake form that you can download here and bring with you. No printer? No prob, I will have copies available at my office.

SIGHTS, SOUNDS, & SCENTS: My office is softy lit with natural light and diffused lamps. White noise is present along with
light acoustic guitar or ambient music (alt music requests are welcome). Air purifiers maintain neutral air; please refrain from applying scented perfumes or lotions prior to your visit.