What To Take Off, What To Keep On?

Often clients aren't sure what clothing to take off or leave on for their appointment. My policy is: dress down to your comfort. Before your massage session begins, I will suggest what clothing is best to remove for the effectiveness of the treatment and how to position yourself on the massage table. I then leave the room for you to get comfortable.

My recommend is often the minimum amount of clothing removal. For example, if I'm just working on your shoulders, I will recommend you remove just your shirt. There's not a need to remove lower body garments, unless you will be more comfortable on the table without them. Like with jeans, you might be more comfortable with out them.

However, ANY clothing removal is ALWAYS optional. It's ultimately your choice. That is why I say: dress down to your comfort. You define your comfort, not me.

People have a wide variety of comfort levels, so I see a wide variety of selections when it comes to what is taken off or kept on. Often, clients remove just the clothing that would impede skin-to-skin contact for the areas that will be addressed during the massage treatment. For example: no shirt or bra for working on the back, or no pants for working on knees. Client comfort is what is most important. Some clients prefer massage fully clothed, and that is just fine. For clients who are very body self conscious or have emotional sensitivities to touch, I can also massage above the sheet or blanket barrier.

The bottom line is, we have options, and it's your call. Together we can determine how to make you comfortable, and the massage therapy the most effective.

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