3 Reasons to Prebook Your Massage

I'm always encouraging client to prebook their next massage appointment? Here's three big reasons why:


Scheduling in advance ensures you get the day and time that works best for you.

Because my practice focuses on managing pain, many clients are on a regular schedule that works well for their condition/recovery. It's not often I can accommodate a last minute appointment request.

Of course there's an occasional emergency reschedule that will open up a spot - so it's worth asking to be put on my wait list. But definitely not as ideal as simply prebooking in advance and reserving a spot.

I have online booking available so you can easily compare my schedule with yours and reserve and appointment anywhere, anytime.


It's a real drag to need a massage therapy treatment and then have to rearrange your other appointments, meetings, or life logistics just to make it happen.

Having that appointment already on the calendar is one less thing on your to-do list. It also makes budgeting easier when there's a set date.

A huge benefit to massage is its ability to reduce stress. Let's not counteract that benefit by having to wedge in your appointment last minute. Prebook instead.


Scheduling in advance gives priority to your self-care. It can be an empowering thing to set aside time in the future and commit to doing something good for yourself.

Many clients have found that when they prebook their next appointment(s), all the other pieces of their life finds a way to settle around their self-care, instead of competing with their self-care.

When we hold time for something, we tend to follow through. And when we don't hold time for something, it tends to get lost in the shuffle and only gets worse.

One of my favorite phrases is, "If you take care of your body when it whispers to you, then you don't have to hear it scream."

Think about the last time you had a crick in your neck, or your back went out for the weekend, or your sciatic really flared up. It can derail everything. By prioritizing your self-care, you're investing in your own well-being so you don't have those show stoppers.

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