April 2020 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstein

When our routine is way the hell out of wack.

When there's a big transition with a lot of unknowns.

When there are may too many opinions and misinformation.

When change is happening, fast and unexpected.

We often loose our balance.

Get discouraged. Feel low.

Get scared. Hoard. Freak out.

We can get lost in wishing things would just go back to how they were last week, last month. Maybe even last year, last decade. Back to when we felt more balanced, more at ease, more comfortable; safe.

When things were "normal."

But there's no going back. We've got to find our new groove, our new balance, a new perspective, and a new path forward. We've got to keep moving. With what we've got and the community we share it with. 

It's okay to stumble.

It's okay if you fall.

But let's keep moving.

- - -

"Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later." - Bob Goff When we're in the trenches; when we're in the thick of it; when we're waking up each morning to those exponential curve numbers; when we're uncertain and anxiety is high ... it's easy to label this chapter: The Worst. There's countless tragedy abound and uncertainty to spare, but there's also light shining through the shadows. Acts of kindness, new-found cooperation and collaboration. Neighbors and families reconnecting, long walks down new roads and new paths. Priorities shifting, smog lifting. Classics being read, wildlife being seen. So this week, let's hold off on giving this chapter of our lives a title. Be in the moment, on the page, in the paragraph. Not the title. - - - "The world asks who you are, and if you don't know, the world will tell you."

- Carl Jung

We're in a time when the world is asking who we are. During this unprecedented moment, who do we want to be?And who are we?

Are we acting out of love, kindship, concern, and cooperation?

Or are acting out of distrust, enmity, paranoia, and competition?

Times like these are tests. Opportunities to really look at  our actions and who we are. And if we don't like that reflection,there's never been a better time to change it.

- - -

"The way out is always through."

- Robert Frost, Servant of Servants

When we're in challenging times, unknown times, times without a rulebook, without a guide, without a clue - often we get stuck on looking back instead of forward. Lamenting about how things were, how much we wanted to do this thing, or that thing. If only we could get back to THAT place and time,instead of where we are right now.That was more comfortable. That was known. That was better. This is not.

We easily get stuck on finger pointing and blame games. Could-a-beens and should-a-beens. BeOcause the reality is, it hurts. It hurts that our plans, dreams, normality have been taken away. We feel vulnerable. We're seeing cracks we didn't know existed, and fellow humans falling through them.

There's a time for reflection, for accountability. There's a time to look at that past. Not to wallow, but for lessons, re-evaluate and reflect. But to dwell there, prematurely, distracting from the now, is also not the way.

The way is through.

We've got to get through first. Together.

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Hey there! My name's Raechel. I'm the author of The Bodies We Live In blog. I'm also a licensed massage therapist and owner of Massage Sci in Holland, Michigan.


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