December 2019 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"The magic of the holidays is bringing joy to the lives of others."

November just closed. December just began. The end of year holidays are now full-throttle forward ahead.

Deep breath in. Slow breath out. Repeat again. And again.

Holidays. Obligations. Full schedules. Running. Deadlines. Shopping. Cooking. Hosting. Singing. Wrapping. Pressure. Guilt. Planning. STRESS.

But amidst all the distractions, all the stress: there's magic. There's an opportunity to limit noise and focus on what matters most.

An opportunity to bring joy to others. Small gestures. Smiles. Music. Thoughtful visits. Cozy conversations. Warm embraces. Forgiveness. Peace. Magic.

- - -

"Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy."

With every decision, there are many different paths to follow. Many factors. Considerations. Knowns and mysteries. Emotions and logic.

Whatever you decide is the best path to take, just be sure there's happiness down the road. Even if it's delayed. Just make sure it's there. If there's a sacrifice, identify the payoff. If there's some hurt, seek out the joy. 

Time is short and our paths shorter. Make decisions with happiness in mind.

- - -

"Often, bad days turn into good stories."

Bad days are bad.

An unanticipated goodbye.  A wrench in the works. An unexpected hurdle. A bumped deadline. An emergency.

But often, given some time, some perspective, some distance... they turn into...

Good tests. Good stories. Good lessons. Good memories. Good belly laughs.

- - -

"This year's end is the start of next year's end."

Another year over, another chance to reflect. What was good, what was bad, what was a mix of everything in between. What was known, what was unknown, what created more questions than answers.

At year-end, we can't rewrite the past. We can learn and grow and make plans.

But even more so, we can see this year's end as the start of next year's end. Next year's story begins at this year's end. It's a new chapter to be defined. A new song to be sung, dance to be danced.

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