Holiday Self-Care Series: Up Your Game

Is your holiday season more like the helliday season?

This series is a collection of tips to make the end of year times a bit less stressful, and a bit more joyful. To be sure, there's no cure-all solution. Or magic stress erasing trigger point. Sometimes we just need to get through as best we can.

But small steps and small moments matter. Hang in there.

* * *

This is the only part of the series where I'll encourage you to do more, not less.

Because when we're entering into a time when we KNOW we're going to experience high stress, we need to do more to care for ourselves.

We need to have a plan of action.

We need to set ourselves up to win.

Even if that's a rough set of ideas.

Even if that's just a few small changes.

Even if that's just the desire to do better.

Make a list.

Check it twice.

And if you need more ideas, check out aaall the other articles in this blog, or ebooks in my online store.

Take care and happy holidays.

* * *

Holiday Self-Care Series

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