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June 2020 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"It's okay to feel all the stuff you're feeling ... Feelings are for feeling. All of them. Even the hard ones. The secret is that you're doing it right, and that doing it right hurts sometimes." - Glennon Doyle, Untamed

Often when life is difficult, when something hurts us or others, we want to just shut it down. Make it disappear. Forget it. Moving on. Run away.

But that's not what feelings are for. Feelings are for feeling. Working through. Listening to. Wrestling with. Learning from. Reaching out with.

This is a time for feeling. Everything. - - -

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown."

- H.P. Lovecraft

The last few months have been an extended, heightened, frustrating, stressful storm of uncertainty. Conflicting opinions. Shifting goalposts. New realizations. Old wounds reopened.

We're wading through a downpour of fear. Fear of the unknown. It's the oldest and strongest emotion. Primal. It has value in the short term, but when strung out, can cause real damage. To ourselves, loved ones, community, country, and world. It's normal to feel fear. And all the other emotions - anger, denial, despair - that come from it. But we have to know where it's coming from. Rise above it. Compassionately listen. Stretch and learn. Connect and grow.

We can be stronger than the old fears that divide us. We can face unknowns, this brave new world, together.

- - -

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

- Coretta Scott King

When we think self-care, we think "self." Yep, it's in the phrase. But it's not really about just the self. We don't exist in isolation. Self-care is community-care. Community-care is self-care.

Compassionate actions toward ourselves, our loved ones, and our community, is a measure of greatness. Strength. Integrity. As we reopen and reconnect, we should also reevaluate. Are we contributing to the greatness of our community? If those around us are suffering, are we really listening? Do our daily purchases support what we want to support? How can we leverage our circles to create positive change? Immediate and lasting. Small and big. Everyday.

- - -

"Some things in this world never change... Luckily... some things do." - Niobe, The Matrix Revolutions

As I wrapped up my reopening week (and also Massage Sci's fifth birthday), I've been thinking a lot about change.

Unexpected change. Expected change. Frustrating change. Enlightening change. Bad change. Good change. To be determined change. Some things in this world never change. Like the importance of touch, and human connection, and innovation. But luckily, some things do. Like when we shift prioritizes, to build better systems, for a new day.

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