March 2021 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"Somewhere in this there is truth. Care to take me to it?"

- William Adama (Edward James Olmost), Battlestar Galatica

* * *

Ever read a passage and your brain gets all tingly?

Hear a song and your eyes suddenly well up?

Glance at a photo and can't look away?

There's a truth. Somewhere in there.

To truths,


"What do you want to do now, Captain?"

"The same thing we always do. Fight em til we can't."

- Starkbuck (Katee Sackhoff), Battlestar Galatica

* * *

Some days, something wonderful blows my way.

Some days, something wicked this way comes.

Some times there's notice, some times there's not.

As often as there's an up, there's often a down. Bobbing on a sea of life. What's there to do?

Same thing we always do.

Persist and adapt.

Cherish the light, sit through dark.

Fight em til we can't.

To that day,


P.S. Few resources I found this week.

36min listen

Controlling the Chatter

Man, this was a super useful podcast. Author and researcher Ethan Kross shares insights on how introspection can be both good and bad, and the function of the voice in our heads.

listen here

10min read

How a Garden Can Help You Feel Better

With the sun shining lately, I've been daydreaming of my garden plans for the year. Until five years ago, I never thought I'd be "a gardener," but it's been a constant source of great conversation, motivation to exercise, and not to mention... nothing beats a garden fresh tomato. This article lists quite a few other benefits.

read article

"All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again."

- Number Six (Tricia Helfer), Battlestar Galatica

* * *

I do love a good cyclical plot. Brings out really interesting psychological conundrums. Free will, predefined destiny, the limits or expansiveness of cause and effect.

When all this has happened before, and all this will happen again... it can feel like tumbling down an a extensional rabbit hole of: hrm, what's the point, do I have any control?

But along that tumble of questions with no answers, we might begin to ponder if we're asking the wrong question to begin with.

Are we stuck in the cyclical loop of life, sure. As the Eagles put it, "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave."

But what if the point isn't to have control? What if we are just along for the ride, this tumble cycle of life. And the point is to enjoy the ride.

To cycles,


P.S. Few resources for your week:

10min read

😬 I Want a Massage BUT ... My Hips

Massage therapy can bring up all kinds of anxiety and self-conscious thought gremlins. This series is a literal head to toe candid exploration of the many common body concerns that make us hesitant to schedule, or uneasy once on the table. The fifth article is on the hips.

read article

2hour listen

🚨 The Dangers of Toxic Positivity

I've heard countless stories on my table of grief and loss, confusion and frustration. We've all been through big somethings, struggling to process and cope. Especially this past year. This brilliant two-part podcast with Brene Brown and Dr. Susan David explores how sometimes the absolute best thing we can do, is sit in the dark.

listen to part one

listen to part two

"You point a finger back far enough, and some germ gets blamed for splitting in two."

- Saul Tigh (Michael Hogan), Battlestar Galatica

* * *

That's some top knotch wisdom from a grizzled space Colonel.

The problem with shame and blame is that no one wins. No one moves forward. Conversation and constructive action gets stalled in an endless spiral of divisiveness, defensiveness, and miscommunication. Lots of wasted time and energy.

To putting pointing fingers down,


*side note: accountability is definitely different than blame/shaming. The former is required for learning, healing, and creating lasting changes. The later is destructive and obstructive to that same end goal.

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P.S. Just one wellness resource for this week, cuz it's a heavy one:

1.5hr listen 🏢 Crowdfunding War Zone Hospitals Punk rockstar Amanda Palmer interviews "punk doctor" Rolan Hallam. When gov red tape in Syria stopped funds from being allocated to hospitals suffering bomb attacks (not military targets, but hospitals are being intentionally bombed), she crowdfunded an entire hospital. Honestly, about 10mins in, I wasn't sure if I had the mental space to hear about these horrors that have been going on, for ten years. But I'm glad I teared up, and pushed on. This is an immensely overlooked, ongoing crisis. And this doctor is an immensely inspiring, amazing person.

listen here

"Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six. Right, commander?"

- Boomer Valerii (Grace Park), Battlestar Galatica

* * *

In the game of craps, rolling a hard six is achieved by rolling two threes on a pair of six-sided dice - an unlikely probability, but one with a high reward.

I use a similar saying myself: "Every once and a while, you've got do something stupid; no matter what, at least there'll be a story."

Days after turning 18 I signed up to volunteer in natural disaster zone.

Profound life-shaping experience.

First time mountain biking was on a rain-soaked intermediate trail.

Profound ass-shaping experience.

This year's 50 mile maiden voyage sail when thunderstorms were forecast?

Well, it sure is a good story.

To the hard six, Rae

P.S. Resources for this week:

10min meditation

🌊 Ocean Breath & Chair Yoga

I often recommend chair yoga for those recovering from injury/surgery or those who have any mobility or pain concerns with floor or standing positions. This one is great and also includes a breathing medication technique.

watch video

5min watch

✍️ The Power of a Proper Thank You

It's not just a matter of saying the words, when we get specific and create more impact.

watch video

Feeling inspired by don't know where to start?

Check out these eBooks for more self-care ideas.

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