November 2019 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"The more we're thankful, the more we attract things to be thankful for."

It feels really good to be thanked. Moments of sincere gratitude. 

It also feels really good to thank. To express appreciation.

The more I practice being thankful - receiving and giving gratitude - the more I attract things and people to be thankful for. The focus shifts gradually.

When I'm on the lookout, it's amazing what I often overlook. Fresh air. Tasty food. Great people. Smiles. Doors held open. Peace. Quiet. Music that moves me. Good stories. Comfy jeans.  Fuzzy caterpillars. Heating pads. The summer's last tomato.

- - -

"Be most thankful to those who have sat aside you, listened, and shared."

In this season of thanks, we reflect on all sorts of things to be grateful for. Family, friends, loved ones. Home. Jobs. Hobbies. Food. Security. Life. Health. Passion. Smiles. Faith. Apple pie. 

But let's give special extra thanks to those who have sat aside us, listened, and shared. Those who have walked down the path of life with us and haven't waived when the road got rocky. Those who really listened when we needed an ear, needed to be seen and heard. Those who showed us their own vulnerability, and gave loving advice and support. Those who have shared, or continue to share, life with us, in those small moments that matter most.

- - -

"When we focus on what we don't have, we will never have enough."

It's easy to get caught up in the consumption game. The grass is always greener game. The keeping up with the Jones' game.

The latest release. The popular trend. The new shiny. The must-have.

Checking the box on the list of things I don't have. Instead of focusing on what  I do have. What I have all around me, plentifully so.

Oldies, but goodies. Vintage flashbacks. Story-filled antiques. Treasured moments. 

- - -

"Feeling gratitude is only half the job; we must then express it."

Practicing thankfulness and gratitude is important. Taking moments to soak in all we are lucky to have, be, possess, and feel. But it's only half the job.

We must then express it. Show it. Say it. Write it. Tell it to the world around us and those who matter, those we appreciate, those who have made us who we are, those who inspire growth and life.

Thank you for reading today's Self-Care Sunday.

If you are a friend, family member, or colleague, thank you for sharing life with me, for supporting and encouraging me.

If you are a massage client, thank you for your patronage and partnering with me to promote well being and health.

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