October 2019 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"We can't change the entire world, but we can change our own."

Endless social media drama. Holiday dinner arguments. Droughts, floods, fires. Misleading headlines. War, poverty, strife. Stagnant wages. Loss and grief. Road rage. Transfats.

We can't change the entire world. There's dark where there's light and nothing's certain except change itself. But we can work to change our own. Our world.

Seeking to understand what we don't. Approaching others with kindness. Taking the time out to reflect. Researching our choices. Appreciating moments. Everyday gratefulness.

- - -

"With change, sometimes we lose something good, but gain something great."

Change doesn't always feel like a fair exchange.

We may lose something good. Something we have cherished. Something we will mourn, miss. Something not ready to let go of.

Sometimes losing that good thing, with perspective, with hindsight, reflection, and time, we realize we didn't just lose something good. Somewhere along the journey, in the process, at the end of the day, we gained something great.

- - -

"We need less focus on changing the old, more on building the new."

Our history has great importance. But history cannot be changed.  Revered, but not tampered. Shamed, but not updated. Learned, but not altered. Known, but not erased.

No matter the amount of regret or wishful thinking, when we focus on changing the old, changing the past, there is nothing that can be done. What we most definitely can do though, is place focus on building the new.

Stepping outside our comfort. Building or repairing bridges. Listening to each other. Looking deeper within. Forming better habits. Reaching further out. Giving what we can. Asking in return.

- - -

"The longer we wait for the future, the shorter it will be."

Life's always too short. Never enough hours in the day, days in the weeks, weeks in the month. Months in the season. Seasons in the year.

Yet we so often wait to make a positive change. Wait on some perfect elusive moment. Wait on someone else's approval or invitation. Wait on this or that.

But the longer we wait, the shorter than positive better future will be. Even less hours, days, weeks, months, and seasons to be our best self.

There is no perfect timing. Or a decision that will make everyone happy. The time to act is almost always now. To ensure that positive change is stretched out as far as possible along unknown future's horizon.

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