evidence-informed strategies and encouragement for your self-care

Your Quarantine-Ready Self-Care

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many individuals, myself included, are at home, out of work, scared, and asking: what can I do?

Unfortunately the answer right now is: sit tight. Follow CDC recommendations. Stay home unless it's essential to go out. Encourage others to as well. Support your community. Donate supplies if you have extra.

As the virus spreads, so are scams. Magic elixirs to "boost your immune system" (not a thing) and false cures. Be a model for calm, collected, and logical critical thinking.

And most definitely: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. If you go down, you can't help anybody. And if you go down hard, you may end up a patient without a bed and without needed supplies.

A huge factor in taking care of yourself is managing stress. Make time for it. Take it seriously, like taking medication.

I've put together several eBooks that are available in my online store here.

Take care and healthy vibes. P.S. If you're a DOer or a HELPer and feel useless during the stay-home order, first, by staying home and slowing the spread, you ARE DOING AND HELPING in one of the most vital ways right now. But, if you feel compelled or are able to do more, check out: www.michigan.gov/fightcovid19

Hey there! My name's Raechel. I'm the author of The Bodies We Live In blog. I'm also a licensed massage therapist and owner of Massage Sci in Holland, Michigan.


In my free time, I enjoy writing about wellness; researching pain science; trying to grow things in my garden; being far too fond of semi-colons; and avid sci-fi nerding.