September 2020 Weekly Wellness Recap

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"One can begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower."

- Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Star Trek

Sometimes our landscape shifts in a big sweeping way.

Hits us broadside and turns up the ground beneath us.

But more often than not, a shift happens small and gradual. It's dedicated, consistent, intentional acts toward a slow burn or sea change.

It's planting one seed, one flower. And it begins. * * *

"I wish it were as easy to stop hating as it was to start."

- Chakotay (Robert Beltran), Star Trek Voyager

We're hard-wired for teams.

In-group, out-group.

Us VS them.

And there can be real value in that. It can build bridges, create connection, and give support. It can foster healthy competition and inspire motivation.

But there's also potential for real harm. It can burn bridges, create division, and fuel hate. It can eliminate compassion and ignore shared humanity.

Teams are easy to slide into.

And easy to go over board.

Easy to get entrenched.

Easy to stop questioning.

Stop listening, learning.

Start blaming.

Start shaming.

Start hating.

Then it's hard to shift.

Hard to stop a snowball.

Hard to slow that roll.

Hard to turn that ship.

Hard to stop the hate.

Knowing that, we need to be skilled at knowing when teams are serving us, when they are a force for good, and when they aren't.

Checking ourselves when we slide from feeling pride to feeling superior. When we loose sight of the common ground, the common goal. * * *

"Allow yourself to feel comfortable with discomfort. Time will do the rest."

- Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell), Star Trek DS9

One of a few choice words I'd pick to sum up 2020 is: discomfort.

In different ways and in different times, but we're all feeling it.

Stretch, pull.

Bend, break.

Great divides.

Being accountable.

Being adaptable.

Being flexible.

New schedules.

New routines.

New voices.

And as tempting as it always is, pushing away the discomfort - locking it away, ignoring it, pretending it's not there - only makes for more later on. We've got to get comfortable with the discomfort. Talk about it. Sit with it. Face it. Find a way through it, together.

Time will do the rest.

* * *

"Things are only impossible until they're not."

- Jean Luc (Patrick Stewart), Star Trek TNG

A lot of things are feeling like they may be impossible lately.

Complex issues.

Life adjustments.

Long standing history.

Peace and understanding.

Government systems.

Civil disagreement.

Social changes.

But they're only impossible until... they're not.

Small calibrations turn ships.

The talk can become the walk.

Common ground can unite us.

Single voices become many.

The hard work pays off.

Mountains can be scaled.

Impossible can be real.

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