4 Tips for Budgeting Massage Therapy

June 18, 2015


For young people just getting established, parents with little ones at home, or seniors on a fixed budget, budgeting for massage therapy can be a challenge. 


Here are a few tips:



Stash the cash you would have used on something you don't necessarily need, and take care of your body instead.


Dine in instead of out.
Cut a few trips to Starbucks.
Hold off on those super cute shoes.


Self-care is a long-term investment in yourself, in feeling the best you can feel. Think of cutting something out of your budget not as limiting, but as making room for something you want more.



Ask for massage gift cards for special occasions and holidays. Let your friends and family know that if they'd like to get you something special, something you'd really enjoy, a massage is near the top of your list.



Call your health insurance provider and ask if massage therapy could be covered, and if so, what conditions must be met (ex: a doctor's prescription, documentation from the massage therapist of progress). 


Many massage therapy offices also accept HSA and FSA debit cards for payment. Coverage always depends on your specific plan, so check prior to your appointment if massage is covered.



Although a super discounted massage may be a great way to try someone out, your health is worth more than a one-off deal you may never get again.


Instead, ask about any savings programs your massage therapist offers: punch cards, bulk treatment discounts, special packages, or memberships


Effective self-care is all about commitment and consistency. Programs that encourage a regular routine are better at getting us the results we want than a one-time savings.








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