Talk or No Talk During Massage?

January 17, 2016


Talk or no talk during your massage therapy treatment?


First think about what your goals for the massage therapy session are.


For a focused massage (therapeutic, sports, medical are also other terms used), I say yes to talking. Because it's not just a treat, it's a treatment. We're working on a specific issue or set of issues. Discussion is an important part of the treatment.


For that type of massage, I ask an assortment of questions throughout the massage about habits, conditions, or activities that may be contributing to your issue.


The discussion we have helps me provide you with a more specific treatment, and also hones my recommendations for at-home care. 


Discussion is always best when it's two-way, so feel free to chime in with questions or thoughts you may have before, during, or after your massage appointment. 


On the other hand, if the goal of your massage is to reduce stress and relax, talking less might be more ideal. It may help you to focus on your breath, or better enjoy the "me-time."


Or, maybe talking is relaxing for you. Chatting and sharing life experiences with a listening ear can be therapeutic in its own right. Totally your call.



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