7 Things I'll ALWAYS Do and 7 Things I'll NEVER Do During a Massage

December 18, 2016


Sometimes it can be hard to know what to expect during a massage therapy treatment. There's lot of different styles, approaches, and educational levels when it comes to massage.


So here's a few things to give you an idea of what to expect from Massage Sci:




1. When you arrive, I'll always welcome you into my office to have a seat so we can chat.


If you're a new client, we'll walk through your intake form. If you're a regular client, we'll check in about how you're feeling today and what may have changed since your last appointment.


Before you get on the table, we'll have a plan for that day's massage treatment: what to work on, in what order, and what we hope to get out of the session.


2. I'll always leave the room for you to get undressed (or not) and get comfortable on the massage table. Even if you choose to leave your clothing on, I'll still leave the room to wash my hands. Me leaving the room also gives you a moment to get settled in, take a few breaths, and relax. Power down from lif.


3. I'll always ask your permission to re-enter the room. No surprise one-knock-open-doors. You tell me when you're good to go.


4. I'll always check in with you during the massage treatment about pressure and comfort. Temperature. Pillows. Whatever you need adjusted, feel free to speak up. I like to eliminate any factors that may be distracting or uncomfortable so you can get the most out of your massage.


5. I'll always provide the full amount of hands-on treatment time that you scheduled. Unless you're late, then we will need to adjust to respect the starting times of other clients.


6. I'll always check in with you after your massage to determined if we achieved the desired outcome we had in mind. Miracles are rarely achieved in one session, but improvement is almost always made, and it's important for us to track what's working and what's not.


7. I'll always offer the opportunity to pre-book your next appointment. It's absolutely fine to say you'd like to schedule at a later date, but I provide the option to in-office. learn more about why here...




1. I'll never offer energy- or belief-based services as a part of my massage therapy treatment. I practice evidence-informed techniques and practices.


If you feel those types of practices add value to your life or healing outcomes, I most certainly do not discourage them, but they're simply not a part of what I provide.


2. I'll never require you to remove clothing. Totally your call. learn more about clothing removal...


3. I'll never go at you elbows blazing like you're meat to be tenderized.


My pressure varies from gentle to very firm, but it should never be painful to a client. There are many ways to achieve the same result without pain - that work smarter, not harder phrase applies here. So I don't do "deep tissue massage," I do "deep enough tissue" massage.


4. I'll never use a scented lotion or gel without your permission. My standard massage lotion is unscented and hypoallergenic. But I do have some peppermint and eucalyptus cream available if that is desired as well.


5. I'll never give you the exact same massage, unless you request or prefer so. I vary up the techniques and approach so that your experience has differences and you can determine what you like best.


6. I'll never bring up religion or politics. My role is to work with you to prioritize and improve your health and wellness and my office is a safe environment for everybody, and every body.


7. I will never perpetuate myths like needing to drink a bunch of water post-massage or condone potentially harmful practices like ear candling. When it comes to self-care, my recommendations are always evidence-informed, biologically plausible, and practical.




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