Home is Where the Heart is ... and my Massage Practice

January 27, 2017


They say home is where the heart is. In my home, there also happens to be a massage therapy practice. 


I have provided professional massage therapy (with a focus on chronic/persistent pain) out of my home-based office since 2015. I'm fortunate to have a home well suited for this use; my office is located immediately inside the front door and is separate from my home's living space.


I'm also located next to a commercial business district and right off a major highway in town; conveniently located and easy to find. 


I love having a home office. For many reasons.


Operating an at-home office has significantly less environmental impact than if I rented a commercial space: decreased commuting, no redundant supplies and equipment, and far less utility usages. 


I also enjoy having ample focused time between appointments to research, follow up with clients, and write detailed treatment notes. 


But in addition to those reasons, I love my home office because I believe it creates a more mindful, comfortable, personal client experience.




No staff opening and closing doors.
No front desk phone ringing off the hook.

No other clients talking too loudly in the lobby.

Having external noise greatly reduced creates an environment with limited distractions. Both clients and me have more mental focus on the massage therapy treatment and discussions about self-care.




No freezing or sweltering room temps.
No stagnant air flow due to poor design.

No, "Oh, wait, that pillow is in the other room."

Having worked in spaces where I did not have immediate control over how the room felt and all the tools that could make my client more comfortable, this is one of my top reasons that I enjoy working in my current space.


In my office the thermostat is right in the room with us, allowing me to maintain a steady comfortable temperature no matter the weather.


Adjustments to temperature or air flow can be made right away, no with no else's permission required, and minimal disruption to the massage session.


All my extra linens and pillows are also accessible without ever leaving the room or interrupting another client's session to retrieve a needed tool.


Temperature settings and pillows may sound somewhat trivial, but when the goal of the massage therapy is to reduce pain and stress, they become quite influential on the success of the overall treatment.





No need to check in at a front desk.
No bumped or adjusted appointments.
No waiting because staff are running behind. 


I value being efficient with both your time and mine. It's easier to plan self-care when the timing is always consistent and reliably so. 


Your appointment time is your appointment time.


When you arrive, we start. You don't need to wait in a lobby wondering when I'll be ready. Or if any tardiness on my part will eat into your session time, or end up making you late for plans afterward. I'm always ready at the appointed time, for just you.


Because I start immediately upon your arrival, this also helps clients with very busy schedules. It allows me to accommodate time-crunched lunchtime sessions or being wedged between your other responsibilities.





No need walk several blocks.
No searching for an open lot or ramp.

No worrying about your car's security.


It's a bummer to get more stressed out getting to your massage than you were in the first place. Struggling to find parking, or knowing you're going to have to run through the rain back to your car that's two blocks away afterward, isn't in align with reducing your stress.


My home office has free reserved parking: it's called the driveway. There will always be a free spot for you to pull right in, and it's few short paces to the office door.

* * * 


Peace and quiet; environmental control; timing, and parking. All factors which can influence a massage, and all factors as to why I love my home office.




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