All-Inclusive Pricing: What & Why

March 7, 2017


At Massage Sci, my service prices are all-inclusive. 



All-inclusive pricing means the price listed for my services is the price you will be charged at checkout. Simple as that.


(Unless you're participating in a savings program, in which case you'll pay less!) 


I also do not accept monetary tips. We don't tip our dentist, or chiropractor, or physical therapist, or yoga instructor... or many, many other health and wellness professionals. So you don't need to tip me.


Although it is still commonplace to tip a massage therapist, especially within spa settings, this standard is changing, and is not very common outside the United States. If you're trying out a new massage therapist, it is always best to ask about their tip policy.


Massage therapy is part of health and wellness care. So here at Massage Sci, I have left tipping behind.


Used to tipping for massage? Save what you normally would tip and apply it toward your next massage treatment instead. More frequent sessions = better results.


If you'd still like to do something extra to show gratitude for the therapy you received, consider these options:


1) Take one of my business cards and share it. Tell someone about what I do, how it has helped you, and send them to my door.


2) Write an online review (links here). Reviews help other people seeking massage therapy who are new to the area, may not know what to expect, or are seeking the specialization in persistent pain that I provide.


3) I never turn down chocolate... just sayin. 


All-inclusive pricing also means I don't charge extra for any tool or technique we need for treating your issue(s).


I may use heat (table warmer, heat pack, or hot stones), a pain relief topical (sombra, salonpas, peppermint), joint mobilizations and stretches, or relaxation techniques. Or all of the above. It depends what we're working on, and what works best for your body.


The point is that you're paying for the results of the treatment, not whatever means and tools we used to get you there.



All-inclusive pricing makes things simple for everyone.


For me, I don't need to spend extra time at check out adding up any extra tools or techniques we used. I also don't have a complicated menu to memorize or maintain.


Also, I would much rather see a client several times so we can address issues and work toward their goals than get a big one-time tip. Both personally and professionally, I'm motivated by helping a client get results, not by a tip.


As a client, you know exactly what to expect. That makes budgeting for your self-care a breeze. If you pay with cash, it also makes exact change easier.


Plus you won't need to do mental math (harder said than done after a massage) to calculate a tip percentage.


Or grapple with the sometimes awkward social intricacies and expectations that surround tipping culture in general.


* * *


You're here to relax and have less pain. Let's leave complicated menus and tip percentage math out of the equation.







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