Persistent Pain is like a Hair-Trigger Alarm

June 9, 2017


Living with persistent pain is like living in a home with an alarm system that’s overly sensitive.


Normally alarms go off when there’s a big threat – like a door or window being forced open, or smoke from a fire. But with persistent (or chronic) pain, a complex set of circumstances has tampered with your alarm system’s settings.


It’s now set to go off for a wide variety of not-so-big-threats: like your mailman delivering the daily mail, or a neighbor’s dog barking, or a backyard tree branch falling onto your roof.


These aren’t really threats you need to be notified of, but your alarm system’s sensitivity level is of the opinion they are. And so off goes the alarm.


Also, when an alarm is going off all the time, the neighbors become on edge as well. This is why some of us experience referred pain - pain that has spread from one area to another due to oversensitive, overactive tissues.


It’s important to take a moment and recognize the alarm’s sensitivity isn’t a reflection on you, as the homeowner. You are as frustrated or confused as anyone else would be. Just as no one wishes their home electronics to go haywire, no one wishes for their persistent pain.






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