Why Persistent Pain is Like 4 Flat Tires

July 26, 2017


The American Chronic Pain Association has a fantastic video called A Car with Four Flat Tires. watch it here...

Chronic (or persistent) pain is like a car with four flat tires. We might think one medication or treatment will take away our pain, but one tool only pumps one tire. We've got four.


Pumping up that one tire might give us 25% relief, which is good, and should be celebrated as a victory. But it's not enough to move our car forward. There are three more flats to fill.


So, we’ll keep using that one tool to keep one tire full, but we’ll need to get some additional tools to fill up the others.


For each person, the needed therapies, tools, or combination of treatments is different.


Managing and recovering from chronic pain - filling up our flat tires - takes a team effort and it takes time. Once our car is rolling again, we also need to maintain it with periodic checks and on-going expected maintenance.






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