3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Massage

There are a few simple things each client can do to get the most out of their massage therapy session: prep, discuss, and homework.

#1: PREP

Prep your muscles by taking a hot shower right before your massage. The moist heat will quickly help your muscles get relaxed and ready. Or, take some time beforehand to apply an electric heating pad to the areas we'll be focusing on during the treatment.

OR, if you have heated seats in your car, flip those on during your drive to my office. Read more about the science behind why heat works for sore muscles...


When you're at your massage appointment, discuss how you feel. How have your muscles been reacting to certain activities? What hurts, how, and when? Share the strategies you're already using at home, and ask if there are others that would further help your issue(s).

I am your resource, and am happy to share what I know or investigate what I don't know on your behalf. Learn more about talking during massage treatments...


I will often recommend various at-home care strategies. These include dynamic stretching, heat therapy, or changing simple habits that could create big results.

Clients who are willing to be mindful and care for their body and reduce stress between visits tend to be the most successful in the long-run.

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