An evidence-informed practice combines your unique story with scientific research to create massages and recommendations tailored to you.


You can expect your session and any strategies I suggest to be specific and effective for your goals.


Massage is my full-time job. Not a gig or a side-hobby. Since 2014 I've provided massage therapy and worked with other health and wellness providers.

You can expect a safe, quality, effective massage therapy session for every body and everybody.


Truly listening to the results you're looking for is a top priority and part of the biopsychosocial model I practice.


You'll experience an inclusive and trauma-aware approach woven into your session, with an openness to feedback and constant improvement.


spot session

45min appointment with up to 30min hands-on massage therapy.

Session is best for treating a few specific spots of pain or stress tension.



focused session

60min appointment with up to 45min hands-on massage therapy.

Session best for treating one large area, with specific spots as needed.




full session

75min appointment with up to 60min hands-on massage therapy.

Session is best for treating the entire body, with specific spots as needed.



stress escape

75min appointment with up to 60min hands-on massage therapy infused with essential oil and heated eye mask. Three gifts included to extended your relief at home.



"[Raechel] helps me maintain my mental and physical health ... she provides new education and encouragement toward greater well-being."

Nessa Jo | Facebook Review

"From her focused knowledge of the body to the way she runs her business, Raechel doesn't just work on you but works with you. No gimmicks here whatsoever."

Adam V | Google Review

"I was recommended by my physician to address my painful back muscles. [Raechel] applied just the right amount of pressure and gave helpful tips to strengthen my back."

DP | Yelp Review

"I had never been to a massage therapist before and was nervous. But Raechel put me quickly at ease and did a great job on my neck and shoulders. I haven't felt this loose in 20 years."


Scott L | Google Review

"I have been going to Massage Sci once a month for the last couple years and it has made a world of difference. I highly recommend this service and I love being able to schedule online."

Stacey W | Yelp Review

"My massages I receive from Raechel on a weekly basis are very helpful and I always leave feeling much better. She's very knowledgeable and encourages me to do my homework."

Shar H | Facebook Review

"She gives useful tips for things you can do on your own ... I come away relaxed and better able to manage my own pain next time my back is acting up."

Hannah H | Google Review

"Excellent, professional, knowledgeable fact-based massage. And now I can turn my head. Star Trek discussion available at no extra cost!"

John A | Google Review

"Raechel's knowledge of pain management quickly becomes apparent during the session."

Ken R | MassageBook Review