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what's my approach?

I provide evidence-informed massage specializing in chronic or persistent pain, with a biopsychosocial lens.

I specialize in pain, but pain is not required to schedule. Proactive wellness is always a good idea.

I use a strategic and methodical approach over brute force and gladly work with other health professionals. I also write and curate various pain materials: a resource list, monthly wellness emails, The Bodies We Live In blog, and my book Understanding Persistent Pain.

how do you pay?

I accept cash, check, and debit/credit cards. I also accept HSA or FSA cards, but it's your responsibility to ensure massage is an approved expense.


I do not direct bill health or auto insurance, but can provide a receipt for you to submit for reimbursement.


Pricing is simple and straightforward; I don't accept monetary tips. If feeling gratuitous, writing a review or referring a friend is greatly appreciated.

Gift cards can be purchased online or in office.

where's my office?

No walk-ins or walk-ups - by appointment only.
My office is located in front of my residence at 302 Hoover Blvd in Holland. If you arrive by car, park near end of the drive or on the street; if you have mobility concerns, pull up as close as you prefer. 


When you arrive, check the door sign: if it says Session In Progress, wait outside until it says Visitors Welcome.

can't make it?

Please reschedule with as much notice as possible, as another client in pain may gladly want your time.

I require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations, or you'll be charged a late cancel fee for the full cost of the session. I hold myself to this same policy of mutual respect: if I need to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, reason dependent, you may receive compensatory credit.

Late cancel fee may be waived if:

ILLNESS: You must reschedule if ill or contagious.

EXTREME WEATHER: You decide if travel is safe for you.

CRITICAL EMERGENCY: Contact me as soon as you're able; any late cancel fees will be refunded.

SWAP: Gift your session to a friend. With notice, I can also attempt fill your time with a client on the wait list.

there's no openings?

Most clients have a recurring appointment or book in advance, so my schedule is usually quite full. But it's worth requesting to be on the wait list. Life happens and slots can open up. I also keep a few "reserve" times (not visible in online booking) if you have active pain.


Another option is to check out my list of referral partners who might be able to see you sooner.

considerations & concerns

CONTAGIONS & ALLERGENS: As I serve clients with varying immune health and allergies, I foster a low-risk space and select high quality products: learn more.

PREGNANCY: Various positions and pillows are available to accommodate and ensure your comfort on the table.

Having someone come with you for linguistic, social, cognitive, emotional, or physical support is more than welcome; in-room seating is available for them.


FORMS: All new clients must complete an intake form; a link will be emailed to your prior to your appointment, or we can complete it verbally together once you arrive.

MINORS: If under 18, parent or guardian must be present.

ANXIETY: Massage therapy can be an up-close-and-personal service. Protection of your modesty, ensuring a safe therapeutic environment, and respecting individual boundaries are of the utmost ethical and professional concern to me: learn more. Removal of clothing is always your decision, and if I can do (or not do) something to increase your comfort, please let me know.

ACCESSIBILITY: There is ≈50ft of gradual incline asphalt from the client parking spot to the path to the office door. The pathway is ≈30ft of textured concrete. There are two 6" steps up to the office door an a shallow 1/2" lip door frame. The hall to the restroom is ≈10ft and has a 8" step.

You'll be invited to lay on a supportive massage table (600lbs capacity) that is 2ft off the floor during your session. We often explore alternate positions and props to ensure comfort. A 9" anti-slip step with handle (500lbs capacity) is available to assist getting on and off the table.

If you'd benefit from physical assistance, contact me to discuss preferences and preparations.

PRIVACY: I take intentional steps to safeguard client data and ensure personal security: learn more.

SCENTS: Please avoid applying heavily scented perfumes or lotions prior to your visit. This help the air purifiers work more effectively at keeping an neutral air.


LIGHTS: The office is lit via diffused privacy film-covered windows and warm-spectrum lamps. If less light is beneficial, ask for a linen drape over eyes while face up.

SOUNDS: White noise and acoustic or ambient music are usually what's playing -- requests are welcome!

TEMPS: Heat/AC is usually set to 72-74° and adjustments can be made by request. Additional cooling options include a fan that can be positioned directly toward you and frozen gel packs are available for rapid cooling needs, like hot flushes. Additional heating options include a full length table warmer and additional blankets by request.

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