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data storage

Massage Sci is a paper-free office, which means I do not record, utilize, or store any written/printed personal or medical information. Additionally, no client information is recorded or saved locally on my office laptop.

I use two cloud applications that are two-step password protected, and automatically log out once the browser is closed each workday.


I use Square for scheduling and secure payment processing; and Noterro (a HIPAA compliant practice management software) to record client intake forms and session notes. The laptop running these apps is always password locked unless directly in use by me.

cameras & microphones


I utilize a laptop and a mobile device in my massage therapy room. Both devices have their microphone permissions for listening / voice command disabled.

Both devices have their camera lenses fully covered, and as a secondary measure, are placed to face away from the intake and treatment areas. The only mirror in the office also faces away from intake and treatment areas.

I use a bluetooth speaker to play music, but it does not have a microphone for listening / voice command capabilities.

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