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Finding Your Perfect Massage Therapist: Location

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Finding the right Massage Therapist can be hard.

There's so many personal factors to consider:

  • geographic location

  • price range or budget

  • your wellness goals

  • emotional/physical considerations

  • schedule and availability

  • potential health risks

And there's so many professional factors to consider too:

  • the therapeutic approach

  • their education level

  • treatment environment

  • professionalism and presentation

  • value provided in each session

So the "Finding Your Perfect Massage Therapist" series is here to help.

* * * This article is on location.

Massage therapy is hands-on service. So to receive you actually have to be there. And to be there, you actually have to get there. Location can be a big factor in finding your perfect massage therapist.


Seems obvious, but when you're seeking a massage therapist who is a convenient fit for your location, your first steps is to actually find one that's nearby.

Look around...

  • Start with a map search. Type "massage therapy near me" in your favorite map site or app and check out the top results.

  • Are any of them near where you live? Where you work or go to school?

  • If none are immediately surrounding where you are the most (home, work, school), are any results on the way to somewhere you frequently go? On the way to or from the gym? After you drop off kids at daycare? Between home and the grocery store?

Ask those you trust...

  • Ask friends and family members if they see a massage therapist and who they recommend.

  • Also ask who they DON'T recommend, and why, as it might save you some time and money.

  • Ask other health providers that you trust. Odds are they know a massage therapist, go to one themselves, or have other clients/patients who may have brought one up. Ask your doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, nutritionist, etc.

  • Ask other wellness businesses who they recommend - health food stores, yoga studios, gyms. Check their community boards or website for community partners.


And so what if you do get referred to, or try out a massage therapist and they are perfect. BUT they AREN'T close by or convenient?

Ask yourself if you can make a day of it?

  • Is there something else in the area you could do before or after your massage?

  • Are there some errands you can run that would make the trip worth it?

  • Is there a significant other, friend, or family member you can meet up with before or after? Set up a lunch date, or better yet, BOTH get massages.

  • Is there an activity or destination you can pair with it? A great hiking trail? An artisan shopping district? The best ice cream for miles?

If the massage therapist is perfect for you, then it's worth making a list of possibilities. What can you do, see, or who can you share it with to make the trip worth the extra distance.

* * * Need additional guidance on other factors related to finding your perfect massage therapist? Check the rest of the articles in the series below:

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