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knowledge is power

Often some worry and anxiety can be reduced when we have more information about what to expect.

On my blog called
The Bodies We Live In, I have written two series that may help shine a light on common concerns:

i want a massage BUT...

I'm Worried About My Head
I'm Worried About My Arms
I'm Worried About My Chest
I'm Worried About My Back
I'm Worried About My Hips
I'm Worried about My Legs

I'm Worried about My Feet

breaking massage myths

You Have to Bare It All
Deep Tissue or Bust
Talking Ruins the Experience
I'm Too Self-Conscious

You Gotta Shave
Drinking Water Post Massage
One Table Fits All

As I serve clients with varying immune health, allergies, and sensitivities, safety and comfort are a top priority. Check out this page to read more about the steps I take to maintain a low-risk environment for all clients.

your body; my office


Massage therapy is an up-close-and-personal service. Protection of your modesty, ensuring a safe therapeutic environment, and respecting individual boundaries are of the utmost ethical and professional concern to me.

If there is something I can do (or not do) to increase your comfort and security during a session, please let me know.

Massage Sci's exterior door is locked with a deadbolt the entire duration of sessions. The interior office door is a sliding barn door with an additional layer of solid black out curtain behind it, shielding any minute gaps.

Removal of clothing is your call, but regardless of your choice, I leave the room for you to get settled into the massage table (and to wash my hands!). I always ask for verbal permission before I re-enter.

Whether your clothing is removed or not, you are draped with two layers of linens: a sheet and a heavier top blanket. If you remain clothed and get too warm, we can remove one or more linen layers. If you have removed some or all of your clothing and are still too warm, one linen must remain as a professional barrier. Other cooling options included uncovering sections of the body, like the feet, or a fan.

Areas of the body that never receive massage therapy are the genitals and their immediate vicinity.


Areas of the body that may receive massage therapy with expressed permission and mindful draping include the abdomen, sternum, front of the hips, and inner thighs. Massage to the inner thighs may require you to wear shorts during your session.

Due to various conditions, injuries, and overuse, I often apply massage therapy to the back of hips (glutes) over  linens and/or clothing. If you prefers direct skin contact to glutes, I will confirm permission, then proceed with mindful draping or change the client to lay on their side.

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