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Understanding Persistent Pain: Is It In Your Head?

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You may have thought, or had someone say to you that your pain is “all in your head.”

Which can feel invalidating, frustrating, or even condescending. But, there's also some truth to that, even if that wasn't the intention behind who said it to you.

Our nervous system provides information to our brains and then it determines what sensations, thoughts, and reactions it believes to be appropriate.

Pain doesn't exist in a vacuum in your knee, your back, or your feet. Pain is a complex experience created by the entirety of the nervous system.

It's response to all the information provided: chemical signals from nerves, emotional reactions from you or others, your history and sensitivity to pain, the environment you find yourself in; your current stress level and safety ... to name a just few.

Saying pain is “all in your head,” does not make it unreal. Saying that pain is "all in your head," is also not the full truth. Pain is complex. It can't be reduced to one simple factor or another.


Understanding Pain Article Series

Understanding Persistent Pain: Is It In Your Head?

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